01 February 2009

Health Care Funded by Cigarettes

By C. Green

Super idea, right? Give everyone access to health care in the state, with a particular focus on the uninsured and those without insurance access to health care. Really, what a novel idea, and it would work in other states as well with the political will and enough motivation.

Well, it appears those two words were in short supply when it came to actually putting the idea into action. The general population in Pennsylvania liked the idea and thought it had a great deal of merit. The politicians, seeing a chance at future votes, decided to get behind the plan and give it a boost. Problem was no one could agree on anything. Now really, when have a whole group of politicians EVER agreed on anything that involved spending money?

Isn't that a downright shame that the political infighting caused the idea to be stillborn? An idea, by the way, that would have made an enormous difference to the over $30 trillion (yes, trillion) dollar Medicare deficit. Programs that run that far in the red are in serious trouble. This isn't to say the whole deficit would have been wiped out, but even part of it would have helped.

Once again those elected tanked a viable idea that actually had the potential to help people get access to health care insurance. What is wrong with that picture? A great deal if you consider the ramifications. The political figure you once voted for decided not to help you because they could not agree on how to spend the money. The rub here is being unable to decide how to spend the money, the potential access to health care was taken away from you.

Health care and the health care deficit are major issues in every state, and not just at election time. Every year, there are media reports about the high costs of Medicare and what is the government going to do about it? Every year, the number of uninsured Americans gets higher and everyone wonders what the government is going to do about it. We might as well continue to wonder, as there doesn't appear to be any "doing" going on.

To "do" something would mean having to agree on issues that involve partisanship. Odd when you stop to think about it, as those elected are supposed to be in the House because they represent YOUR interests on issues - and one of those huge issues is the Medicare deficit. Kind of reminds you of that old saying (with a bit of an adaptation); "Those that can - do. Those that can't - are politicians." Really people, squabble all you like, but please remember that our access to Medicare is something we need, want and demand.

So, what we have here is an issue that burns brightly daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and yes, even for decades - the Medicare deficit and zip has been done to accomplish anything. Why is that? Nobody really wants to solve a problem that is going to cost them some big bucks.

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24 July 2008

Cigar Basics

Cigars are made from special varieties of tobacco that require careful tending. Tobacco leaves intended to be used as cigar wrappers must be carefully grown and harvested to keep the leaves free of blemishes.

Cigar tobacco is grown in Central American countries, West Africa and Indonesia and the Connecticut River Valley in USA. Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaraguan, Cameroon, Mexico and United States tobaccos all have their characteristic flavours and give particular properties to a cigar.

Cuban tobacco is the best. It is usually strong and full bodied, and gives a spicy and aromatic flavor to a cigar.

Dominican tobacco is quite full flavored and is useful in the making of complex blends.

Ecuadorian tobacco is milder.

Honduras and Nicaragua produce a full bodied tobacco with a strong spicy flavor.

Mexican leaves are widely used as binder and filler in cigars. Mexican tobacco leaves are commonly used as wrappers in dark Maduro cigars.

The Connecticut River Valley, in USA, produces some of the best wrapper leaf tobacco. The fine brown to brownish yellow leaf is used to make mild and medium bodied cigars. It is widely used on premium cigars.

Cameroon and the Central African Republic produces a high quality wrapper leaf. It has fairly neutral characteristics and is used as a wrapper for full flavored filler tobaccos.

Indonesian tobacco wrapper leaves are often dark brown and have neutral flavors.
Philippine tobacco is mild but aromatic

Cigars may be hand-made or machine-made. Hand-made cigars will naturally be more expensive and the leaf used to fill the cigars will often run the length of the cigar, rather than the shredded filler used in machine-made cigars.

Tobacco leaves grown for wrapping cigars are usually shade-grown under cheese-cloth tents because this gives a finer grained and more supple leaf. Sun grown tobacco used as filler in cigars will be thicker leaved with more prominent veins.

Cigar smokers usually have a range of favorite cigars that they smoke on different occasions. You will find current recommendations on websites and in magazines. If you have only recently discovered cigars then your best bet is to experiment. Be aware of the blend and type of cigars you smoke and buy more of the ones you like.

Cigars should be kept in a humidor. This will maintain the cigar at the correct temperature and humidity to ensure continued aging.

Cigar smoking fashions change, so you may find some types of cigar easier to find than others. If you are prepared to look hard enough and experiment widely you will find cigars that suit your palate

18 July 2008

Cigarette or tobacco package with re-usable aroma releasant for multiple package openings

A re-usable aroma releasant is provided on a package of tobacco product such as cigarettes, pipe tobacco, fine cut tobacco and the like. The aroma releasant is activated to release aroma every time the package is opened. The packages comprises a tobacco product containment portion and a tobacco product containment closure portion. The closure portion is removed from the containment portion to gain access to the tobacco product.

The aroma releasant may have a peel seal connecting the containment portion and the closure portion. The peel seal seals the aroma in the substrate reservoir provided on the package. The peel seal is peeled from the substrate reservoir to permit opening of the package and simultaneously releasing aroma from the reservoir. The peel seal reseals the reservoir on closure of the package. A re-usable aroma releasant is provided where every time the smoker opens the package, fresh aroma is released. Suitable aromas include, essence of tobacco, coffee, menthol or other pleasant aromas associated with tobacco smoking.

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